Zineb Benhayoune

“I joined P&G in Morocco in 2003 right after acquiring a bachelor in Chemical Engineering “Fresh From school”. A year after my start I was giving the opportunity to manage the largest operation in one of the plants, leading a team of 50 people. I remember thinking back than “How can a company trust a young person with such huge responsibility!” The trust the company put in my potential helped me reach limits and capacities I did not know I have. I took the challenge and together with my team we were able to achieve outstanding results. In 2008 with company support I took a different career path and integrated the human resources function. This gave me the opportunity to explore a new profession helping me develop a new set of skills and knowledge and continue contributing in improving P&G results from a different angel. My aspiration was to go beyond the local boundaries and even with personal constraint; not being able to leave morocco again the company helped me reach my objective. In my current role as India & Middle East and Africa Talent Practice Leader I am able work on regional & global projects and work with a multi-cultural team. My career in P&G has given me the opportunity to do what I love which is learning constantly while leaving up to challenges every day.”