Faiza Lahlou

“I joined P&G back in 2000 with the big aspiration for an international career but well grounded on making it at “Home” first – A year after my start , the General Manager at that time told me “ you can make it to Cincinnati  !“.  I never forgot this sentence; it gave me the determination to perform every day to support the business and our Brands with my best. I was intentional about my next assignments and I always trusted my managers.  I took the challenge pretty quickly to lead Algeria and then Sub Sahara Africa Markets where it was a true pioneering work for  Communications in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya  -  Working in Femcare Global Business Unit in Geneva was the next big career jump in 2009 , this gave me the breadth of knowledge and come with new challenges working across Global cultures and diversity of markets – A long journey, yet every day has been so far an exciting day  because beyond the assignments & the role we have,  we meet & work with fantastic people from all around the world and this is unique to P&G”