Badr Berrada

When I was student I always wanted to work in Morocco however my barrier was that I would never found a company that has principles in decision making! Then P&G came to my school and I was impressed by the high values that the company has and I promised myself that P&G will be the company with whom I will start my career.

My first experience as intern confirmed what was shared during the presentation. I got responsibilities day one and was given the necessary elements to build my capabilities in order to succeed in my young career! I was responsible of launching a new product in Morocco that was very strategic for the company which made me wonder how come I was given this big challenge while I was “only” an intern!

What helped me most in my internship was the quality of people I worked with and the time they spent to make sure that the project meets its objectives but also that I build my capabilities.

I encourage everybody to be part of P&G family from the beginning of his career and I am sure that you will enjoy your experience and learn how to build a business/brand!