Imagine nothing relates you to marketing except ads you see on TV or some stands and events you saw once or twice in a store when doing your shopping. And then imagine you are looking for a challenging internship within a big company and you say (silently!): P&G !!! It would be great if I have the chance to spend my internship within an international environment and THAT would have a great contribution to both my education and career. BUT, I studied engineering instead of marketing! How can I fit?

Actually, this is me. I gave it a go. I applied, followed the steps on line, attended interviews and showed how happy and involved I would be if I’m hired for that internship position (still remembering that stupid smile on my face when I received congrats email).

I joined last June Marketing Team for a 3-month internship as an assistant brand manager (and continue to be part of it as I decided to do a gap year within the same department). That gave me the chance to challenge myself and be part of several projects as I was always trying to show how ambitious I am. I was given autonomy, projects I had to lead, opportunity to work with top local managers. And the more results I delivered, the more responsibly I had. Win-Win strategy! All in all, you are treated as an employee, you work as an employee, and you end up aiming to be an employeeJ.

Thanks to my internship, I’m now looking at marketing in a different way. The company thinks differently, being involved in people lives, trying to bring newness to make it easier, hoping that every single product brings some joy to a household. You’ll end up feeling concerned by P&G brands, and you’ll see how company’s values and principles will be rooted in your daily life.

Now, once I see ads, claims and posters I see analysis, thinking, landscape assessment, recommendations, perfect execution, marketing strategy … (good things for the brain wheel actuallyJ). Cherry on the cake: Working within P&G makes me realize a little more each day that marketing is the way to go for me.

Key of the story? If you are looking for an internship within a challenging and highly demanding environment where you’ll have outstanding coaches and real responsibilities, apply for a P&G internship!